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  1. There is also some heartfelt but treacly poetry toward the end.
  2. Beneath the glitz, the music is treacly and superficially histronic.
  3. We were spoon-fed treacly, heart-tugging soap operas.
  4. His voice got treacly when he asked me about sex,
  5. They are treacly moaners full of greeting-card sentimentality.
  6. And Burns'weakness for treacly fiddle music is simply wrongheaded here.
  7. Gross's trademark is her soft, treacly voice.
  8. Irish cops singing in treacly brogue in " Wonderful Town ."
  9. Less treacly is a story about mothers who contribute breast milk to banks.
  10. Songs that were supposed to be fun often end up treacly and embarrassing.


  1. overly sweet
    पर्याय: cloying, saccharine, syrupy

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