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  1. Lintas'first experiment with a second agency came a cropper.
  2. Cropper was a British-born agriculture consultant living in Trinidad.
  3. Enoch Taylor was the blacksmith who built the first automatic croppers.
  4. Linda Cropper has a string of film credits to her name.
  5. William Cropper and Joseph Marlow shared most wickets with 34 each.
  6. She received Squaw Valley and the Cropper Foundation for Caribbean Writers.
  7. Over the summer, it seemed, bank stocks came a cropper.
  8. Even Harris'prose comes a cropper as the overwrought plot progresses.
  9. Songwriters included Cropper, Allen Toussaint, and Jimmy Cliff.
  10. Patience Cropper is renamed Amy Barlow and the Croppers are her godparents.


  1. small farmers and tenants
    पर्याय: sharecropper, sharecrop farmer

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