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  1. He wore earrings to work, along with shorts and sandals.
  2. There are no earrings allowed, or long hair or bandannas.
  3. And " power jewelry, " like post earrings.
  4. Highly detailed Stegosaurus earrings, also tiny, are $ 20.
  5. At the end, Raziel presents Renee with her lost earring.
  6. Avoid multiple bracelets, dangly earrings or anything else that jingles.
  7. The earring glitters with a hard, blue-white sheen.
  8. A pair of his earrings sells for $ 4, 050.
  9. Titanium is also used for things like eyeglass frames and earrings.
  10. Reds-visionist history : Fewer men in earrings, anyway.

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