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  1. This week, the words were a quiet refutation of earsplitting hatred.
  2. The air lock passed inspection Friday despite a leaky and earsplitting shakedown.
  3. The long wait ended Saturday night with an earsplitting launch.
  4. An earsplitting roar interrupts the ship's master.
  5. Augustin Garcia : " The explosion was earsplitting.
  6. Earsplitting barks greet a dinghy approaching Sea Lion Island.
  7. A duel between the Black and White Knights is prefaced by an earsplitting thunderstorm.
  8. They also fear that the law may push the trade in earsplitting machines underground.
  9. Earsplitting noise lasted for one hour, leaving behind scraps of red firecracker paper.
  10. The race scenes are earsplitting in " The Fast and the Furious ."


  1. loud enough to cause (temporary) hearing loss
    पर्याय: deafening, thunderous, thundery

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