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  1. And I think they will, because they are pretty enthused.
  2. He didn't seem too enthused about that ."
  3. "And look at this ! " he enthused.
  4. Clinton enthused, " can now read the Congressional Record.
  5. We are very, very confident, very, very enthused,
  6. By the end, they seemed pretty enthused about getting out.
  7. O'Donnell enthused, her New Yawk accent never concealed.
  8. "That was so moving, " she enthused.
  9. "They were very light, " she enthused.
  10. And we were very enthused by the young people we observed.


  1. utter with enthusiasm
  2. cause to feel enthusiasm

के आस-पास के शब्द

  1. enthralling
  2. enthrallment
  3. enthrals
  4. enthrone
  5. enthronement
  6. enthused
  7. enthuses
  8. enthusiasitc
  9. enthusiasm
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