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  1. Other variations include " splitting apart " and " flaying ".
  2. Thrax later broke free by killing his master, flaying him.
  3. Lu Xun said the Ming Dynasty was begun and ended by flaying.
  4. He earned an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for re-flaying the line judge.
  5. Apollo punishes Marsyas for daring to challenge his authority by flaying him alive.
  6. In 1396 he ordered the flaying of 5000 women.
  7. Insane with rage and grief, Willow tortures Warren before flaying and incinerating him.
  8. Timothy shields Phillip from the strong winds and rain, flaying his whole body.
  9. His tortures included flaying and slow slicing.
  10. Uta botches the flaying and kills Stephanie.

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