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  1. Flay prefers oiling food, though burgers may not require it.
  2. Flay had bottled carrot juice and canned mango at the ready.
  3. Roman also plays drums for Daniel Flay & The Irreparable Guilt.
  4. Ellis showed up at the Throwdown itself to challenge Flay separately.
  5. He stomped onto the field to flay a line judge.
  6. Thankfully, Flay provides 13 party menus, each with five dishes.
  7. Bobby Flay, the chef at Mesa Grill, said.
  8. Flay likes to hollow out the buns so he basically has crust.
  9. Flay is a talented chef with two highly successful restaurants.
  10. Adapted from " Bobby Flay's Boy Meets Grill"

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