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  1. It can be transmitted through the air, orally, and on fomites.
  2. Transmission of RHD occurs by direct contact with an infected animal and fomites.
  3. Fomites are associated particularly with sterilization of such objects prevents cross-infection.
  4. GaHV-1 is shed in respiratory secretions and transmitted by droplet inhalation or via fomites.
  5. Transmission by ingestion or inhalation of coughed fomites is a second, less likely route of infection.
  6. :: The fomite article includes this link,, which mentions surface counts for different organisms.
  7. Apart from hand-to-mouth infection, shigellosis is transmitted through fomites, water and mechanical vectors like houseflies.
  8. Outbreaks have occurred in clinical facilities or in abattoirs where workers have been exposed to infected human or animal blood and fomites.
  9. Infection from imported animals or contaminated fomites bought into the farm, or via transiently infected in-contacts will have devastating consequences.
  10. In general, droplet and / or fomite transfer has not been shown in these viruses in either the hemorrhagic or pulmonary forms.

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