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  1. After a while they began to look like a fringe element.
  2. He's blushing all around his fringe of white hair.
  3. Darin Jordan has spent his whole athletic life on the fringes.
  4. There is literature for just about any political fringe group imaginable.
  5. I think Dole is trying to appeal to the extreme fringe,
  6. Wacky extremist cults have long inhabited the fringes of most societies.
  7. Only small, marginal fringe elements are nostalgic for the past.
  8. The epithets came from the fringes of the right, true.
  9. These aren't the ravings of kooks on the fringe.
  10. There is the marvel of the red fringe on the sofa.


  1. having a decorative edging of hanging cords or strips
  2. surrounded as with a border or fringe; sometimes used in combination; "a large suburban community...fringed by an industrial area"; "a grass-fringed stream"
  3. having edges irregularly and finely slashed; "a laciniate leaf"
    पर्याय: laciniate

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