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  1. In 1994 he was inducted into the Huskie Wall of Fame.
  2. When that thing is full nobody wants to play in Huskie Stadium.
  3. The Huskie mascot and nickname used today were officially chosen in 1940.
  4. One of the heroes was the Siberian huskie Balto.
  5. Injured Huskie quarterback, Brock Huard, returns.
  6. The band was practicing at Huskie Stadium for the annual Drum Corps Midwest competition.
  7. The wrestling and gymnastics practice areas will replace those currently housed within Huskie Stadium.
  8. Ms . Marois also has a dog, Livia, a shepherd-huskie mix.
  9. Perrin also utilized HH-43B Huskie helicopters for local aircraft rescue and fire fighting.
  10. At various times in its history, Huskie Athletics has offered teams in 24 different sports.

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