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  1. There was a huskiness in his voice, and his neck was long.
  2. Kathleen Turner has a sturdy, come-hither huskiness despite her geographically obscure accent.
  3. Was he looking at my basic huskiness and assuming an inability to lace in the middle?
  4. Patinkin sang with basso profundo huskiness.
  5. Wartofsky said the huskiness might be explained by the fact that the nerves controlling the vocal cords pass under the thyroid gland.
  6. If the Huskies have a weakness, it's that they simply don't live up to their name on the boards, with little inside huskiness.
  7. Marcovicci, a superb cabaret storyteller, has a sensuous, womanly huskiness perfectly attuned to Smith's sly, easygoing machismo ( imagine a hayseed Frank Sinatra ).
  8. He has the huskiness of a lapsed wrestler but looks mostly like a rumpled novelist, and he has a great salt-and-pepper lion's mane and beard.
  9. At the same time, that very huskiness lends her torch singing the battered authenticity we expect of middle-aged jazz singers with their years of after-hours living and accompanying vices.
  10. Butler, always a gruff singer, now had extra huskiness in " Only the Strong Survive " and " Your Precious Love, " but he used it to push phrases like a preacher.


  1. a throaty harshness
    पर्याय: gruffness, hoarseness
  2. the property of being big and strong
    पर्याय: ruggedness, toughness

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