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  1. Patrick Manson ( 1894 ) hypothesised that mosquitoes could transmit malaria.
  2. Has anyone outside of Wikipedia hypothesised what he might look like?
  3. It has been hypothesised that it can stun prey with its clicks.
  4. Punitive socialisation is hypothesised as a cause of social conformity.
  5. Unaffectionate socialisation is hypothesised to cause tough-minded attitudes.
  6. Instead, he hypothesised a dedicated " sixth sense " to explain morality.
  7. They hypothesise that " the root of ANI is in Central Asia ."
  8. Hypothesise that the cannibalisation rate is of 60 %.
  9. A variety of explanations have been hypothesised, here is but a few.
  10. This is hypothesised to be a form of Batesian mimicry of the dangerous eel.

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