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  1. Vasari hypothesizes that this was due to his fascination with magic.
  2. He hypothesizes that it was probably written between 1846 and 1847.
  3. He hypothesizes that they were the ancient settlers of North America.
  4. Carter hypothesizes that the beast is a 21st Nome for safekeeping.
  5. This theory hypothesizes that learners store examples " verbatim ".
  6. Leaven hypothesizes that any room marked with a prime number is a trap.
  7. This study hypothesizes a diet primarily consisting of meat.
  8. Fisher hypothesizes that these differences stem from differing evolutionary forces governing mate choice.
  9. Scale relativity hypothesizes that quantum behavior comes from the fractal nature of spacetime.
  10. She is shocked and hypothesizes that Danielle could have survived the sailboat accident.

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