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  1. Sinnott was a proponent of organicism and a critic of reductionism.
  2. In other words he was a proponent of a variety of organicism.
  3. The work of Haldane was an influence on organicism.
  4. Thomas Hobbes arguably put forward a form of organicism.
  5. A number of biologists in the early to mid-twentieth century embraced organicism.
  6. According to Ernst Mayr, Ritter introduced the third school of thought : organicism.
  7. Today, organicism might be called systems theory.
  8. Organicism believed that life was interrelationships between living things, living in a complex web.
  9. "purity " and " organicism " were encoded with distinct political meanings?
  10. Gilbert and Sarkar distinguish organicism from holism to avoid what they see as the vitalistic or spiritualistic connotations of holism.


  1. theory that the total organization of an organism rather than the functioning of individual organs is the determinant of life processes

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