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  1. The books traveled by oxcart over 600 miles of rugged terrain.
  2. The Oxcart vehicle photographed 84 primary targets plus 89 bonus targets.
  3. They loaded up just a few of their belongings in an oxcart.
  4. Ezra Griswold was the lone settler who traveled by oxcart.
  5. She also had a cow, which travelled next to this oxcart.
  6. These travelers arrived on foot, by bicycle, and in oxcarts.
  7. Other countries are going to the moon, but we still use oxcarts.
  8. The lumber was hauled by oxcart to places as far away as Opelousas.
  9. El D�a del Boyero means Oxcart Driver s Day.
  10. Although many oxcarts are similar, no two are painted exactly the same.


  1. a cart that is drawn by an ox

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