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  1. Other possible reactions to form oxetane ring is the Patern? B�chi reaction.
  2. Diketene is a member of the oxetane family.
  3. The oxetane ring in compound 6.3 was obtained via an Shapiro coupling reaction.
  4. Finally the oxetane ring is found to play an important role during interaction with tubulin.
  5. *With epoxides and aziridines the reaction serves as a ring-expansion to produce the corresponding oxetane or azetidine.
  6. The oxetane ring can also be formed through diol cyclization as well as through decarboxylation of a six-membered cyclic carbonate.
  7. The main characteristic of the Danishefsky variant is the completion of the oxetane D ring onto the cyclohexanol C ring prior to the construction of the 8-membered B ring.
  8. The core rings are conveniently called ( from left to right ) ring A ( a cyclohexene ), ring B ( a cyclooctane ), ring C ( a cyclohexane ) and ring D ( an oxetane ).
  9. The "'Patern? B�chi reaction "', named after Emanuele Patern?and George B�chi who established its basic utility and form, is a photochemical reaction that forms four-membered oxetane rings from a carbonyl and an alkene.
  10. "' Oxetane "', or "'1, 3-propylene oxide "', is an heterocyclic organic compound with the molecular formula C 3 H 6 O, having a four-membered ring with three carbon atoms and one oxygen atom.

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