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  1. Every pawnbroker's is crammed with tokens of spent passions.
  2. Perhaps more important is the lucrative return that Mississippi allows pawnbrokers.
  3. And to his regulars, he is more than a pawnbroker.
  4. The pawnbrokers'symbol is three spheres suspended from a bar.
  5. An estimated four million pledges were taken in pawnbrokers every year.
  6. He married the daughter of a pawnbroker, a Mr White.
  7. The Brooks exemption is backed by the National Rifle Association and pawnbrokers.
  8. This is not a business where pawnbrokers should take advantage of anyone.
  9. Most pawnbrokers try to be responsible when selling firearms, he said.
  10. Things have changed in the pawnshop business, pawnbrokers say.

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