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  1. The Phosphoria Formation reaches its greatest thickness beneath the mountains.
  2. Many of the Phosphoria shales are rich in organic matter and are petroleum source rocks,
  3. The Phosphoria Formation of Permian age is present in Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana.
  4. The Permian Phosphoria Formation of the western United States represents some 15 million years of sedimentation.
  5. The Pennsylvanian Tensleep Sandstone, the Permian Phosphoria Formation and the Cretaceous Muddy Creek and Frontier sandstones.
  6. The Phosphoria mine, also near Bartow, will close permanently because it has run out of phosphate reserves.
  7. The "'Phosphoria Formation "'of the western United States is a geological formation of Early Permian age.
  8. The Phosphoria Formation and its equivalents of Permian age are unlike any other Paleozoic rocks because of their extraordinary content of uncommon elements.
  9. Metals such as copper, zinc, nickel, and lead will be obtained from manganese nodules or the Phosphoria formation ( sic ! ).
  10. Below the Sublett Mountains the Phosphoria Formation, a basal phosphorite overlain by a thick sequence of chert and cherty sandstone, reaches its greatest thickness.

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