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  1. There are some phosphorite and bauxite reserves in the area.
  2. The formation includes phosphorite beds that are an important source of phosphorus.
  3. Manganese and phosphorite nodules form on the seafloor and are syndepositional in origin.
  4. The region also possesses large deposits of phosphorite.
  5. Kazakhstan also possesses large deposits of phosphorite.
  6. The islands have phosphorite and guano resources.
  7. Also, pellets composed of either glauconite or phosphorite are common in marine sedimentary rocks.
  8. The apatite in phosphorite is present as cryptocrystalline masses referred to as " collophane ".
  9. Liuyang has been mining some natural resources, like sepiolite, chrysanthemum stone, coal and phosphorite.
  10. Rebala was one of the first areas in Estonia where was phosphorite was mined in the 1920s.

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