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  1. Their cozy apartment blends a decor style of Catholicism and pugilism.
  2. For $ 19.95, it would outsell pugilism.
  3. King is fond of making Rahman into pugilism's Horatio Alger.
  4. Kind of pugilism's " We Are the World ."
  5. Cooling off later, Bellillo compared pugilism and politics.
  6. From the base-ball business I drifted into boxing and pugilism ."
  7. In fact, movieland's relationship with pugilism has been long and fruitful.
  8. A lesson was being handed to a slow student by an adept professor of pugilism.
  9. I don't remember any pugilism.
  10. Marciano, retired five years, was talking pugilism and show business with Jerry Lewis.

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