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  1. Single-minded, stone-cold serious and pugnaciously tightfisted.
  2. He campaigned pugnaciously against the authority of the clergy in education,
  3. Some jurors perked up when Blasier began his examination pugnaciously.
  4. Cuban president Fidel Castro, meanwhile, has taken a pugnaciously neutral position.
  5. But still there is England, marked in green, pugnaciously defiant off the coast.
  6. Moose commonly stand and pugnaciously face the wolves, which take the cue and leave.
  7. He'll go pugnaciously, though, as a martyr rather than a penitent.
  8. They face off on their hind legs like miniature kangaroos, pugnaciously bobbing up and down.
  9. One thinks of Alice's pugnaciously rattly White Knight who keeps toppling from his horse.
  10. He was like a street-corner preacher pugnaciously delivering his message to heedless passers-by.

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