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  1. She bore him a daughter, whom they also named Pythias.
  2. The name Pythia remained as the title of the Delphic Oracle.
  3. He belonged to the Free Masons and the Knights of Pythias.
  4. Aristotle married Pythias, either Hermias's adoptive daughter or niece.
  5. Foley was a Masonic order and the Knights of Pythias.
  6. Aristotle also married Pythias, the adopted daughter of Hermias.
  7. The sisters were buried at the Warm Springs in Pythias.
  8. Grimmer was a Mason and a member of the Knights of Pythias.
  9. Howey was an Elk and a member of the Knights of Pythias.
  10. Pythias'friend Damon volunteers to be held hostage until Pythias returns.

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