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  1. A tight pinstripe skirt was paired with a racy python vest.
  2. Burmese pythons, boa constrictors, milk snakes and king snakes.
  3. Mistaken in action for anthology performance of Monty Python Flying Circus.
  4. Our great secret with Python was we got rid of punchlines.
  5. This miniature golf course is Monty Python crossed with Tim Burton.
  6. Locals provide the dead fryer rabbits swallowed whole by his pythons.
  7. Pythons and boa constrictors occur like icons in contemporary animal photographs.
  8. Family time was spent watching Mel Brooks and Monty Python movies.
  9. Pete the python : Made headlines after escaping in the 1940s.
  10. Like the rest of the Pythons, Gilliam has moved on.

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