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  1. Shiplap is often used to describe any rabbeted siding material that overlaps in a similar fashion.
  2. The shouldered or rabbeted dado is sufficient to hold shelves into an already secure case, but by themselves they will not keep the case together.
  3. When installing a mirror into wood panels, paint the inside of the rabbeted trim gold or black, so that the unfinished wood will not be reflected by the mirror.
  4. In another, before going into how to repair a cabinet drawer, Joe patiently displays different tools to Ed and promises that one day they will have their own wood shop where they will use things like dovetails and rabbeted joints to build cabinets.
  5. Bolection mouldings are also used to hold a panel in a door when the panel is not set into a continuous rabbeted and are attached to the door stiles and rails but are not attached to the panel which is allowed to float freely ( expand and contract ).

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