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  1. The first graduate student in History of Consciousness was Harvey Rabbin.
  2. Her father, Rabbin Menahem Felix, is one of the founders of the Alon Moreh settlement.
  3. Her father, Rabbin Menahem Felix, is one of the founders of the Alon Moreh settlement near Nablus.
  4. Rabbin, who said his company has 13 or 14 employees, acknowledged the difficulty of competing against a consortium.
  5. Like " Le chat du rabbin ", the series contains a lot of historical and theological information.
  6. He graduated Rabbi in 1977, by winning the Grand Rabbin Lieber grant ( 1974 ) and the Andr?Weil grant, three consecutive years.
  7. In December 1761 Voltaire sent him a copy of his " " Sermon du rabbin Akib " ", a scathing attack on Christian persecution of the Jews.
  8. But the sign, unveiled Sunday night at a memorial rally in the same square, misspells the prime minister's name in English as " Yizhaq Rabbin ."
  9. Keith Rabbin, channel manager, said the company is confident it will be able to demonstrate the data version of its technology at the Consumer Electronics Show, another large trade show held annually in January, and to ship it shortly thereafter.
  10. The office of the " "'Grand Rabbin "'du Consistoire Central " in France is also of similar nature, but differs in that the chief rabbi acts merely in his capacity as member of the consistory, and not as hierarchic chief.

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