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  1. The Chief Rabbinate oversees the implementation of Jewish law in Israel.
  2. He trained for the rabbinate in the Mir Yeshiva in Lithuania.
  3. In May, 1844, he accepted the rabbinate of Lemberg.
  4. A new synagogue was also built in Kalisz during his rabbinate.
  5. Gratz College itself does not offer theological training for the rabbinate.
  6. The Hungarian rabbinate were unhappy with Friesenhausen's unilateral activities.
  7. On December 4, 1852 Aub joined the rabbinate in Mainz.
  8. In 1936 he was ordained to the Rabbinate in Poland.
  9. Rabbi Yoffie said he supported the idea of dismantling the chief rabbinate.
  10. Rabbi Simcha Weiss said the rabbinate made the decision Monday.


  1. the office or function of a rabbi
  2. rabbis collectively

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