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  1. Taxa in the genus are commonly referred to as samphires.
  2. There are flora such as grass-leaved oraches and rock samphires.
  3. In this area a narrow zone of samphire low shrubland is found.
  4. The dominant habitats are mangrove swamps and samphire flats.
  5. Samphire is often used as a suitably maritime accompaniment to fish or seafood.
  6. Martin Samphire of Impact Plus became Blair's'image consultant '.
  7. Surrounding vegetation is made up of saltbush and samphire.
  8. But have you had a look at Rock samphire?
  9. The area around the lake is sparsely vegetated with samphire, saltbush and bluebush.
  10. The taste resembles that of spinach and samphire.


  1. fleshy maritime plant having fleshy stems with rudimentary scalelike leaves and small spikes of minute flowers; formerly used in making glass
    पर्याय: glasswort, Salicornia europaea

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