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  1. Many grocery stores also buy samosas from suppliers and resell them.
  2. This irea is also known for its Samosas and Kachoris.
  3. With help from her mother, she makes some samosas.
  4. Gary Robins at Match Uptown serves lamb samosas alongside Chinese dumplings as appetizers.
  5. Deep fry the filled samosas in oil on medium heat until golden brown.
  6. At the annual barbecue, the principal dishes up samosas and hot dogs.
  7. Mandazi ( a doughy sweet bread ) and samosas are a must-try.
  8. Samosas are a triangular pastry filled with mildly spiced mixed vegetables or minced meat.
  9. Imagine eating samosas on a coach in Seychelles!
  10. Bamhni banjar is situated in mandla district and it is famous for Babba samosa.


  1. small turnover of Indian origin filled with vegetables or meat and fried and served hot

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