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  1. However, " Accentor " never returned to active service.
  2. Accentors may have two to three broods a year.
  3. Like other accentors, this species has an insectivore's fine pointed bill.
  4. In winter, the accentors may also consume seeds or feed near human habitation.
  5. Accentors are small, fairly drab species superficially similar, but unrelated to, sparrows.
  6. Breeding over a huge area, the Siberian accentor has a large and apparently stable population.
  7. The accentors were moved to their current genus by French ornithologist Louis Jean Pierre Vieillot in 1816.
  8. Seeds may be consumed in winter, and the accentors may also then feed near human habitation.
  9. The accentors are in the only bird family, Prunellidae, which is completely endemic to the Palearctic.
  10. Goral, great Tibetan sheep, Himalayan tahr, tit, wood accentor and crimson-eared rosefinch.
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