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  1. He uses as his main principle of explanation the association of ideas.
  2. Pottery was a woman's art because of this time-honored association of ideas.
  3. Afterward by association of ideas, the star appeared with a green color ."
  4. For remembering names, association of ideas may be the best method to use.
  5. Knight's account of these arts therefore falls under the heading of'association of ideas '.
  6. Visualisation and association of ideas are wonderful processing aids.
  7. By association of ideas, labarum can refer just to the monogram itself, or even just the cross.
  8. Poetry is a free association of ideas and images within a loose, but not altogether disconnected, framework.
  9. He became familiar with the surrealist poets, who fed his affinity for free-association of ideas, sounds, words and images.
  10. Zanotti's 1741 essay on the'attractive force of ideas'defended a view of the association of ideas influenced by Newtonian physics.
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