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  1. One can assort the table below alphabetically or chronogically by clicking on the button with the gyronny of four.
  2. When two genes are close together on the same chromosome, they do not assort independently and are said to be linked.
  3. During meiosis, chromosomes assort randomly into gametes, such that the segregation of alleles of one gene is independent of alleles of another gene.
  4. The effect is to assort the alleles on parental chromosomes, so that the gametes carry " recombinations " of genes different from either parent.
  5. Whereas genes located on different chromosomes assort independently and have a recombination frequency of 50 %, linked genes have a recombination frequency that is less than 50 %.
  6. In addition to repairing DNA, homologous recombination also helps produce genetic diversity when cells divide in meiosis to become specialized gamete cells sperm or independently assort during meiosis.
  7. But if you assort yourself right for each market you're in, you'll be right on color and sizes and end up with fewer markdowns ."
  8. Geographically based human studies since have shown that such genetic clusters can be derived from analyzing of a large number of loci which can assort individuals sampled into groups analogous to traditional continental racial groups.
  9. The West Belfast Brigade meanwhile continued to assort freely with the LVF, a splinter group of the Ulster Volunteer Force ( UVF ) and a bitter rival of that group, active alongside LVF members at the Drumcree conflict.
  10. The presence of assort independently, which is a necessary condition for efficient selection of independent characters, so that for example, one can select breeding stock with desirable attributes, without being unable to select for the absence of undesirable attributes.
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