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  1. They bore us, they numb us out, they depress us with their dispiritedness.
  2. There is a real dispiritedness out there.
  3. The mood in the Gore camp Wednesday swung between confusion, exhaustion and a creeping dispiritedness.
  4. They are : being skillful in instruction, possessing loving concern, being energetic and abandoning dispiritedness.
  5. }eraji decided to assassinate General Marijan Vareaanin, the Governor of Bosnia and Herzegovina, after he read an article written by Risto Radulovi, who argued against dispiritedness in the public life of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  6. How much of this dispiritedness is due to the exhaustion from the years of war and isolation _ Iraq fought an eight-year war with Iran in the 1980s that severely depleted the country's resources before the Kuwait invasion _ is impossible to say.
  7. It is said in " Ornament for the Mahayana Sutras ", a student should " Rely on a Mahayana teacher who is disciplined, serene and thoroughly pacified; who has good qualities surpassing those of the students; who is energetic; who has a wealth of scriptural knowledge; who possesses loving concern; who has a thorough knowledge of reality and is skillful in instructing disciples; and who has abandoned dispiritedness . " Of the ten qualities, the six good qualities obtained for self-fulfillment are : precepts ( being disciplined ), concentration ( being serene ), wisdom ( being thoroughly pacified ), possessing the wealth of knowledge from studying many scriptures, possessing thorough knowledge of reality and having good qualities surpassing those of the students.
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