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  1. The water does not effervesce like the fancy bottled stuff does.
  2. Effervescing through the grim historical insight are bubbles of wit.
  3. Characteristic of a carbonate, specimens effervesce upon treatment with hydrochloric acid.
  4. Opportunities for crime effervesced under expanding commerce.
  5. He had pioneered treatment with iron and effervescing medicine which engineered a remission, and so prolonged life.
  6. "Effervescing Elephant " was pastiche of the verse form of Hilaire Belloc's Cautionary Tales for Children.
  7. At the age of five Effervescing won two $ 100, 000 + purse stakes races within one week.
  8. An effervescing agent that fizzes and creates bubbles as the polymer is being turned into a hydrogel creates the pores.
  9. Bite into a slice, and it effervesces on your tongue _ an orange slice is like a Fanta soda without the bottle.
  10. He is an opportunity-stimulator, creating hundreds of jobs and careers for folks who have been embraced by his effervescing energy and enthusiasm.
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