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  1. Unlike Calvinists, Lutherans believe the Holy Spirit always works efficaciously.
  2. However, Yemen was too far removed to be managed efficaciously.
  3. God first sovereignly and efficaciously regenerates, and only in consequence of that do we act.
  4. Electrochemistry is a method that controls the nucleation and growth process of noble metals and alloys efficaciously.
  5. However, both enantiomers have very high affinity, potency, selectivity for ER? and efficaciously activate ER?.
  6. As with any remedial device, the rule's application has been restricted to those instances where its remedial objectives are thought most efficaciously served.
  7. :: : : See this, for instance : " only those incur the excommunication who themselves actually and efficaciously procure the abortion ".
  8. This resulting " madder lake " has a longer-lasting color, and can be used more efficaciously, for example by blending it into a paint.
  9. Bosentan is a nonspecific endothelin-receptor antagonist capable of neutralizing the most identifiable cirrhosis associated vasoconstrictor, safely and efficaciously improving oxygenation and PVR, especially in conjunction with sildenafil.
  10. The Amendment does not expressly preclude the use of evidence obtained in violation of its commands, and exclusion is appropriate only where the rule's remedial objectives are thought most efficaciously served.
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