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  1. So it uses more fuel than a Ford Exploitation or Lincoln Fumigator.
  2. Has anyone called the fumigator to air out the Pac-10?
  3. And there is this, further instruction from your friend, the fumigator.
  4. The Catatumbo offensive is probably the most hostile environment the fumigators have faced.
  5. Once again mistaking the bat for a mosquito, Bugs sprays the bat with a fumigator.
  6. His father worked as a fumigator.
  7. A fumigator attempting to close the valve himself broke it instead, releasing gas that set the house on fire.
  8. Fumigators have sprayed classrooms in affected schools with disinfectant, and officials have inspected companies that deliver daily meals to the schools.
  9. The fumigator in charge needs to look inside any safes, gun cabinets, storage closets, etc . to check for any living thing.
  10. Two men who say they're fumigators out to kill insects are actually thieves out to steal money and jewelry, police warned Friday.
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