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  1. Atlantic cod is a well-known demersal food fish belonging to the family Gadidae.
  2. However, it is now regarded as a member of the same family as cods, Gadidae.
  3. This well-known species is part of the family Gadidae and is a very versatile fish.
  4. In some bony fishes, for example certain Protacanthopterygii and Gadidae, the mitochondrial control region evolves remarkably slowly.
  5. Higher in the food chain, Gadidae ( cod, pollock, haddock, saithe, hake and cod wars " and eventually the virtual abandonment of these fisheries.
  6. The "'Gadidae "'are a family of marine fish, included in the order Gadiformes, known as the cods, codfishes or true cods.
  7. The families Ranicipitidae ( tadpole cods ) and Euclichthyidae ( eucla cods ) were formerly classified in this order, but are now preferred in Gadiformes; Ranicipitidae has been absorbed within the family Gadidae.
  8. Cod is the common name for fish of the genus " Gadus ", belonging to the family Gadidae, and this article is confined to the three species that belong to this genus : the Atlantic cod, the Pacific cod and the Greenland cod.
  9. ""'Raniceps raninus " "', the "'tadpole fish "', is a species of Gadidae fish native to the northeast Atlantic Ocean around the coasts of France, Ireland, and the United Kingdom and the North Sea.
  10. Most of the material acquired from the National Marine Fisheries Service Tropical Atlantic Biological ( TABL ) collection consists of western Atlantic fishes from nearshore shallows to moderate depths, with the families Argentinidae, Atherinidae, Balistidae, Batrachoididae, Belonidae, Bothidae, Branchiostomatidae, Caproidae, Carangidae, Clupeidae, Congridae, Cynoglossidae, Dasyatidae, Engraulididae, Exocoetidae, Fundulidae, Gadidae, Gerreidae, Haemulidae, Hemiramphidae, Lutjanidae, Macrouridae, Monacanthidae, Mugilidae, Ogcocephalidae, Ophichthidae, Ophidiidae, Paralichthyidae, Peristediidae, Priacanthidae, Rajiidae, Sciaenidae, Scombridae, Serranidae, Scorpaenidae, Scyliorhinidae, Soleidae, Sparidae, Sphyraenidae, Stromateidae, Squalidae, Syngnathidae, Synodontidae, Tetraodontidae, and Triglidae most common.
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