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  1. After Kate has been journalling for some time, her tape recorder is stolen, causing her story to gain national attention.
  2. "' Journalling Flash File System version 2 "'or "'JFFS2 "'is a log-structured file system for use with flash memory devices.
  3. Ring experimented again with data-powered journalling in 2002, to provide a CMS for the popular health and wellness site SeekWellness . com, publishing weekly posts by fitness columnist Donald Ardell.
  4. I will also note that I think ext3 doesn't usually have full journalling enabled by default, it's somehow not a full-fledged journalled FS, despite what its ads say.
  5. The " Australian Dictionary of Biography " ( ADB ) characterises him as noteworthy for his " diverse contribution to cultural and intellectual life, " with his prominence in art curation, writing and editing poetry, engaging in and journalling about athletics ( specifically cross country running and bushwalking, for which the ADB credits him as doing " possibly . . . more than anyone else in his time to encourage " ).

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