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  1. Six men at a restaurant table are shouting jovialities to each other.
  2. He had a kind of Santa Claus or leprechaun joviality . ..
  3. This temporary town brimmed with a kind of freewheeling yet peaceful joviality.
  4. In the party, Hall was known for his joviality.
  5. It is full of Central European charm, joviality and good humour.
  6. Even as they visibly deteriorate, these patients manage frequent moments of joviality.
  7. He's got the joviality and the potbelly of St . Nick.
  8. His joviality _ and his size _ probably help.
  9. Responding with typical joviality, Yeltsin engaged Chretien in a little arm wrestling.
  10. There is a lot less joviality between players and caddies than there was.
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