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  1. He exchanged shoves with Brian Noonan and jousted with Sylvain Blouin.
  2. Tikkanen, as is his custom, jousted with several Panthers.
  3. Tuesday both sides jousted for public relations advantage in the dispute.
  4. Last week in Florida, legislators jousted in a special session.
  5. This is not the first time Duquette and Valentin have jousted.
  6. Several times, Reno jousted with Republican members who asked pointed questions.
  7. He occasionally jousted with the plaintiffs'lawyer, Roderick MacLeish Jr.
  8. Meanwhile, Bolduc jousted with Peter Grace, who was ill with cancer.
  9. The lawyers also jousted indirectly Sunday about the possibility of a monetary settlement.
  10. On one shift, Harvey jousted with a Flyer.
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