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  1. "' Maya Kandinski "'( Carly Pope in Season 1, Sonya Salomaa from Season 2 onwards ) used to be a normal child until her father started sexually abusing her at a young age.
  2. 'Looking at Juan V�zquez Mart�n's paintings, what is immediately recognisable, is the Renaissance concept of'the window', the dissolution of forms discovered by Kandinski, as well as the sense of textural beauty introduced by the contemporary painters of the mati�re school.
  3. The Reina Sofia caters for modern art, its jewel being Picasso's'Guernica .'The Thyssen constitutes one of the world's most prestigious private collections that was bought by the Spanish state and features works of the past millennium ranging from Titian to Kandinski and Van Gogh to Hopper.
  4. It involved applying the theories of Antonin Artaud, as expressed in his The Theatre and Its Double, to short plays, poems and performance pieces by such authors as Alfred Jarry, Oskar Kochoschka, Wassily Kandinski, F . T . Marinetti, Gertrude Stein, Kurt Schwitters, Tristan Tzara, Salvador Dali, And Jean Tardieu.

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