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  1. Both types of melanophore are important in physiological colour change.
  2. It has melanophore spotting at the nodes of the reticulum.
  3. This color change is due to MSH stimulating the dispersion of melanin pigment in dermal ( skin ) melanophore cells.
  4. He discovered snRNPs with Joan A . Steitz, STEP ( with Paul Lombroso ), created the melanophore based GPCR bioassay and demonstrated that Smoothened is a GPCR.
  5. These dermal chromatophore units ( DCU ) consist of an uppermost xanthophore or erythrophore layer, then an iridophore layer, and finally a basket-like melanophore layer with processes covering the iridophores.
  6. For his work " Do Melanophore Nerves Show Antidromic Responses ? " in the " Journal of General Physiology ", Parker was awarded the Daniel Giraud Elliot Medal from the National Academy of Sciences.
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