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  1. Occurs associated with alunogen, pickeringite, epsomite, melanterite, gypsum and native sulfur.
  2. It occurs with melanterite, alunogen, fibroferrite, halotrichite, botryogen, butlerite and amarantite.
  3. Associated minerals include melanterite, epsomite, jarosite, gypsum, sulfur, pyrite, marcasite and limonite.
  4. The hydrous iron sulfate forms a white powder consisting of the mineral melanterite, FeSO 4 ?H 2 O.
  5. It occurs associated with pyrite, marcasite, halotrichite, pickeringite, epsomite, potash alum, melanterite and gypsum.
  6. The moist air speeded the reaction and drew the acid to the surface and precipitated the streaks of sulfate salts _ gypsum, and the iron sulfates jarosite and melanterite.
  7. It was discovered in 1920 in the Vulcan mining district of Gunnison County, Colorado, United States, and is named for its zinc content and its resemblance to melanterite.
  8. It occurs as a secondary mineral, formed under low humidity at less than as an alteration of copper-free melanterite, which is a post mine alteration product of pyrite or marcasite.
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