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  1. In Ceausescu's Romania the pain was mistily everywhere; all but invisible, impalpable, unlocatable.
  2. It has vanguard banter, a scene-stealing pair of dancing twins, mistily shot scenes of the Back Bay at twilight.
  3. The aura stirred sense memory, and we whispered mistily of Valentine's Day dinners at La Grenouille, birthdays at Chanterelle.
  4. One spot on ORT stars the famous Russian actor and film director Nikita Mikhalkov as a floating astronaut mistily staring at Mother Russia from space.
  5. The studio, now part of his house, " smelled like wine for five years afterwards, " he recalled somewhat mistily.
  6. It is when Lifton turns to the reasons that these people lose the self in the totalistic doctrine of the cult that his language becomes blandly and mistily clinical.
  7. It's what makes people smile mistily at me, as if I'm fading in front of their very eyes while telling knock-knock jokes.
  8. And while the show went for easy laughs-- a disgusted Caprice spent a lot of time picking " presents " off the carpet-- it ended mistily.
  9. The Washington crowd craved an administration that would sweep in and have an impact, socially and culturally, in the fashion of the mistily remembered " Camelot " of President John F . Kennedy.
  10. The angry, impoverished Russians who speak mistily of the days of subsidized meat, free rent and a guaranteed income say they are voting for pensions and a strong social safety net and not the Communist repression of the Soviet state.
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