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  1. The main communist newspaper, Sovietskaya Rossia, virtually ignored the anniversary.
  2. Goalkeepers Sebastiano Rossia and Luca Marchegiani also were impressive.
  3. Rossia has won four of the previous seven races this season, while Gibernau has captured two.
  4. Even menopause was cited as no big deal by Alice Rossia, a professor of sociology at the University of Massachusetts.
  5. The flight involved a plane for a little-known airline called the Rossia State Transportation Co ., initially identified as Magna.
  6. The artist credit on the album cover is extended to read'Marc Almond with Alexei Fedorov featuring The Rossia Orchestra Ensemble '.
  7. "Rossia " represented Russia at Baltic in time to visit Copenhagen in March 1913 in company with the protected cruisers and.
  8. The plane, belonging to an obscure airline called Rossia State Transportation Co ., was commandeered en route from Magadan in far eastern Russia.
  9. For example, around half of the " Sovietskaya Rossia's " content is penned by readers and people's correspondents.
  10. After the end of the war " Rossia " returned to Kronstadt where she underwent a three-year refit that strengthened her armament.
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