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  1. The rostellum remains invaginated in the apex of the organ.
  2. The stigma, separated by the rostellum.
  3. The scolex bears a retractable rostellum armed with a single circle of 20 to 30 hooks.
  4. In addition the protoscolex of rostellum, while that of " T . saginata " has only an apical pit.
  5. Sometimes there is a small extension or little beak to the median stigma lobe, called "'rostellum " '.
  6. It is a non-viscid band or strap connecting the pollinia with the viscidium ( the viscid part of the rostellum or beak ).
  7. "R . tetragona " is the largest among rostellum, which is armed with 100 minute hooks, arranged in single row.
  8. Each worm has a scolex, which is an anterior  head segment with a single row of 20-30 retractable hooks ( rostellum ).
  9. Their scolex does not have hooked rostellum like the " H . nana " species but they do have similar unilateral genital pores and 3 testes per proglottid.
  10. The body size is small, scolex is disproportionately large and uniquely shaped, rostellum is wide, and it employs beetles as intermediate host to complete its life cycle.
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