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  1. Could not unzip extension
    एक्सटेंशन को अनज़िप नहीं किया जा सका
  2. Mr. Haq drank alcohol at a bar alone and joined social-networking websites . His rap sheet consisted of a pending lewd conduct charge for having unzipped his pants in March at a shopping mall and exposed himself to young women. He has been in and out of courts to deal with such matters as traffic violations and unemployment benefits. Most surprising of all, he was baptized into the Word of Faith Church last December, but returned to Islam shortly thereafter.
    बेरोजगारी लाभ और यातायात नियमों के उल्लंघन में भी उसने न्यायालयों के चक्कर लगाये. सबसे आश्चर्यजनक बात यह है कि पिछले दिसम्बर में वर्ल्ड ऑफ फेथ में उसका बपतिस्मा हुआ परन्तु शीघ्र ही वह इस्लाम धर्म में वापस आ गया.

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