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  1. The maids, chauffeurs and yardmen are all African-American.
  2. http : / / www . yardman . com / MowMain . jsp
  3. Candidates for upper yardman can transfer to any specialisation in the officer corps.
  4. He was second in command to the inmate yardman.
  5. A yardman, some in manufacturing.
  6. During the 2015-16 hockey season, Yardmen Arena hosted three Federal Hockey League games.
  7. Based in Belleville, Ontario, the Senators will play their home games at Yardmen Arena.
  8. Jordon added that it has one advantage over the yardmen he hires for his business, though.
  9. Below, a perplexed yardman three houses down looks up, drops his rake and does a jig.
  10. The senior upper yardman scheme allows for very experienced ratings identified as potential specialist officers to be commissioned.
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