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[ 'stɔpwɔtʃ ]
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  1. One stopwatch in the pressbox showed a delay of seven minutes.
  2. Brady's stopwatch doesn't just measure bad behavior.
  3. However, indications are that it will be stopwatch-friendly.
  4. He'd kept a stopwatch on Harding, he said.
  5. Blatter consults his clipboard and his stopwatch and his computer printouts.
  6. Each sorority president has a stopwatch, and they are synchronized.
  7. His right thumb paused above the starter button on his stopwatch.
  8. Too bad we don't have a stopwatch ."
  9. Their concept of time is more subjective than the stopwatch variety.
  10. The a1 doesn't even include a clock or stopwatch.


  1. a timepiece that can be started or stopped for exact timing (as of a race)
    पर्याय: stop watch

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