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  1. The shift was inevitable, said Storability's new chief executive, Tim Leisman.
  2. The Production planning and control has to deal with the problem of limited storability of energy.
  3. In Southborough, another local player, closely held Storability Inc ., now has 105 employees, down from 200 a year ago.
  4. Compaq can go to its existing customers while Storability will have to knock on a lot of doors to build its clientele, Couture said.
  5. Storability Inc ., a startup that moved to Southboro in June, provides pay-per-service storage at customer's sites and data centers.
  6. "Bolting wings on a pig won't make it fly, " said Wadsworth, a cofounder of the privately held Storability Inc . of Southborough.
  7. When you do that, one's going to get jealous, " said Todd Dagres, a partner in Battery Ventures who has invested in another data-storage company, Storability Inc . in Southborough.
  8. Direct comparison of physical properties, performance, cost, storability, toxicity, storage requirements and accidental release measures for hydrogen peroxide, hydroxylammonium nitrate ( HAN ), hydrazine and various cold gas monopropellants shows that hydrazine is the highest performing in terms of specific impulse.
  9. Another disadvantage is the poor storability of LH2 / LOX-powered rockets : Due to the constant hydrogen boil-off, the rocket can only be fueled shortly before launch, which makes cryogenic engines unsuitable for ICBMs and other rocket applications with the need for short launch preparations.
  10. "The lack of storability has an impact, " said Morris Greenberg, director of North American electric power at PIRA Energy Group, consultants in New York, adding that companies can't sell a current excess of supply and buy it back at a later date, a type of trade common in other industries.

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