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  1. The stromatolite community is threatened by nutrient enrichment and physical crushing.
  2. A typical stromatolite consists of alternating layers of sediment and microbes.
  3. Stromatolite structures are evident within the Gunflint Iron Formation.
  4. The waters are rich in magnesium and the stromatolite structures are made of hydromagnesite.
  5. Accretion hypotheses can be tested using numerical simulations based on modern stromatolite growth processes.
  6. During the Precambrian, Wyoming was covered by a shallow sea inhabited by stromatolite-forming bacteria.
  7. In his Proterozoic works, the specimens of stromatolite are the remnants of the Earth taking shape.
  8. The Proterozoic Belt Supergroup contains evidence of possible microbial mat and dome structures similar to stromatolite reef complexes.
  9. At Hamelin Pool there is an interpretive boardwalk for tourists to venture out and examine the stromatolite structures.
  10. The stromatolites are similar to 3, 500 million year old stromatolite fossils found in many places around the world.

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